Posted by: mckecuador | May 15, 2011

On the Road to Tena

May 13, Day 5

Tasting Fresh Fruit Juices in Ecuador

¡Hola from Tena!   Right now we are in an Internet café.  We have been traveling all day long to reach Tena and were able to walk around the city where we’re staying. 

On the road we passed by many notable sites that will forever be instilled in our minds. The scenery is much, much different from anything one might find in the United States. For instance, we drove through clouds! Also, we saw so many waterfalls that fell down what looked like miles of the mountainside. Not to mention, the moisture that we experienced today was more than we ever could have fathomed. From the thick air to the muddy landslides, we were surrounded by water at all times. It is like black and white compared to our time in Quito.

The Breathtaking Views Continue


However, in our personal opinion, the most exhilarating part of today was the visit to the hot springs. Heated by the thermal energy of the volcanoes, the springs have powerful healing powers and left our skin feeling clean and soft. Our leaders instructed us to jump back and forth from the cold waters to the hot pools because the rush cleared the pores of our skin.

So far, we have truly enjoyed our trip, where we have experienced so many different adventures and tapped into various different skills many of us didn´t even know we had.  We cannot wait to tell anyone and everyone about the awesome wonders of Ecuador. Please, have your questions ready for us when we return! Until next time, wish us safe travels!

Finally, the hot springs!!



Kat Studley and Amanda Sweet



  1. It is so amazing to hear about your adventures, primarily because each of you have the opportunity to expand your life experiences, and a secondary factor is the impact your experiences are having on all of us that are following you. Thanks for sharing and allowing us to learn and grow also.
    Be safe and enjoy!
    Love you Haleigh!!!

  2. So how hot are those hot springs. We love you

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